This young man drives a sedan and gets drunk, so he"s not drunk. He doesn"t know what"s the difference, and then tells him that someone has a black color. Let him drive into a motorcycle and come down and kick him again. A good citizen came in and cursed him around. There will be a fight and rescue to help, then curse him again. Let"s take a look at it. A motorcyclist in the car injured his head and hit the ground before the man who drove the car came down to kick the injured person again, but he hit him down, but this incident happened at 2 a.m. this past good citizen. At the sight of the incident, he had to rush to stop and then the rescue came to first aid and asked the initial symptoms of the injured, but the man who drove the sedan tried to attack the injured until a different city had to go into the mall. Another man drove a sedan. Said that someone scolded the father, had to arrange a bit, and then went to punch a good citizen again because the rescuers came to stop him, this young man came to come and repeat the matter again. This is because it is like at the beginning of the hour. By the reservoir guardrail in front of Trat, it looks like it shouldn"t be soเกมมือถือ/brand/joker

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