Chase shot

 Chase shot at a sedan car, which this sedan car, the driver is a man sitting next to a woman, he fled to a distance of 6 km. Finally, the woman was shot in the neck, the symptoms were quite serious. Go look at the picture in front of this scene, the price of the CCTV camera on the Facebook page, dear, very thoughtful, the culprit drove the pickup truck and shot the sedan, the sound of gunshots rang out. The pickup truck was playingเกมมือถือ/สล็อต behind the wheel very closely, so he rode it with all his might, so he ran away. 6 km. In the end, the car smashed through the curve, the car lost control and fell on the side of the straight road between Ban Dong Samran Chai and Ban Saeng Thong in Nong Saeng, Udon Thani, resulting in the driver saying that Mr. Supachok was injured. The person sitting next to him was Miss Ploychompoo, my girlfriend, was shot into the neck of the left one shot, the bullet was embedded in the wound, the villagers told me this after the accident, the injured person gritted his teeth. fled into the sugar cane forest, but each one came back.

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