I have a lot of acquaintances of mine who are all well and around me, all of them are people who are always helping me, but now I"m suggesting that someone is very much who will disappear. But when I was in trouble, he always came to be lazy to offer good things to me. Helping us is a value that I can find something else to evaluate and feel comfortable that we have difficulty doing Thai as a How can just one word make our hearts and feelings so joyful and joyful at all. These things are good and I would hardly find words to describe many of these feelings. No, it"s the inner joy that arises from a nation that can"t hold it back, but it still makes me think that in my life there are many people who are sincere and always help me. Teach me that there are quite a number of people who don"t value or value us at all. When he was happy, it"s hard to say, these stories are almost something that everyone encounters and today I know that goodness is. What we play everyone can do but should be able to do it anytime and most importantly, everyone.

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